Collect The Faces

Are you a fan of the Faces of Open Source project? Support us by purchasing a Faces of Open Source NFT!

We’ve created “digital prints” of the portraits by turning them into Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you can collect, gift or trade. Not only will you own a limited edition copy of your favorite Faces but you will also be helping fund this work as well as many of the open source projects and foundations featured in the project. Still not sure what the heck we’re talking about? Read the FAQs below.

Here are the different types of NFTs we are making available:

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What the heck is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and is used to represent a unique digital item on the Etherium blockchain. NFTs are used to represent digital files such as images, audio, video, etc. and provide proof of ownership of a digital asset that otherwise could be infinitely reproduced.

Why are you selling NFTs of these photographs?

We are making NFTs available as a way for people to support the ongoing nature of the Faces of Open Source project. By purchasing a NFT supporters will receive a unique digital collectible featuring one or more of their favorite photographs. Read Peter’s thoughts about why we are offering NFTs.

Why would I buy an NFT when I can just look as the photos for free on the website?

You can always view the photos for free on the website! Our NFTs are are all about collecting these unique photographs. We want to give supporters a way to own a literal piece of the project.

What happened to the book?

Still on the table but because Peter is making new portraits all the time, we’ve been grappling with the reality that it will be out of date as soon as it is published. 🙁 NFTs on the other hand can be created and collected over time as new Faces are added!

How am I helping to fund open source by buying one of your NFTs?

A portion of the proceeds from our NFT sales will be donated to open source organizations and foundations featured in the project.

Can I sell the NFT to someone else after I buy it?

Yes you can. That’s one of the unique things about NFTs! It’s trivial to resell and trade them.

Can I buy more than one NFT?

Yes! Collect them all! You can even buy multiple copies of the same NFT if you want it give one away as a gift, etc..

I just read that some guy sold a NFT for $69M. Will these NFTs become more valuable over time?

They could! These photographs have never been made available for purchase until now and feature some of the most important contributors to the open source revolution that underpins many of the most important technologies in modern history.

What about the climate impact of NFTs?

This is a very real issue. Right now the Etherium blockchain is not energy efficient due to its “proof of work” mining model. That is slated to change in the coming months as NFT marketplaces continue to roll out different scaling solutions that should cut energy usage dramatically. Until that happens we are only going to offer a limited number of tokens and only at the $99 price point. The low price should severely cut down the number of concurrent miners which in turn will cut energy waste. In addition, we are using “lazy minting” and fixed price listings in order to limit the number of on-chain transactions for each NFT.

What is a limited edition NFT?

Limited edition means that the number of copies of a specific NFT will always be limited to a fixed number. For each NFT you can see both the total number of copies available as well as how many people currently own. Our “White Label” edition is limited to 755 copies of each photograph that will be released over time.

If I buy an NFT can I use the image however I want?

No. NFT holders can only display the art for personal use just like a physical fine art print of a photograph. Read more about the terms of use for Peter’s NFT artwork

Will you create more NFT’s in the future?

Yes. We will add more NFTs for sale as new Faces are added to the project. Signup for our mailing list to get notified of new NFT offerings.

What is Opensea and why do I need an Etherium wallet?

Opensea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Think of it as “eBay for NFTs”. Our NFTs are listed for sale on Opensea and can be bought by anyone with an Etherium wallet. If you don’t have a wallet Opensea will prompt you to signup for one. Read more about how to buy NFT’s on Opensea.

Some of your NFTs say that they come with a physical token. What’s that all about?

Yes, when you buy certain limited edition NFTs we will ship you a beautiful instant-on digital screen that will display the NFT. Trust us, these are really cool.

How do I get the physical token?

If your NFT says that it comes with a physical token, it will be ship out within 90 days from purchase to whomever owns the NFT at the time we put it in the mail. Register your shipping address here on our website.

Can I sell the physical token separately from the NFT?

You could but we think that would cause each to be worth less. The NFT and the physical token are really two sides of the same coin. The Yin and the Yang. Don’t split them up.