General FAQs

Who is participating?

This is an on-going project so the list of participants is changing all the time. You can view the current list of participants here.

How are participants selected?

Participants in the project are all connected with the creation, financing, or promotion of free or open source software. We are looking for major contributors as well as unsung heroes whose stories might not be well known.

Why didn’t you include this person?

There are a few reasons someone might be missing from the project:

  1. Peter hasn’t been able to photograph them or publish their image yet (see the full participant list).
  2. We didn’t know the person’s story (suggest them here).
  3. The person declined to participate.

We are always looking for new faces to add so please get in touch with any suggestions of comments.

I spot an error, can you correct it please?

Absolutely. just let us know what it is by getting in touch here.

Why do you need sponsors?

Funding from sponsors is needed to offset the cost of production, transport, and storage of the final exhibition quality prints as well as the cost to produce, print, and distribute the book.

Can I or my company/organization become a sponsor?

Yes! Please get in touch to discuss how you can help.

Participant FAQs

What should I wear/bring to the shoot?

Generally speaking, darker clothes are best. However, Peter wants to photograph you as you really are so please wear what you would normally wear and/or identify with. For example, if you always wear shorts and a t-shirt, don’t dress up on the day of the shoot. If you typically wear a signature leather jacket, fedora or eye glasses, be sure to bring them. The only exception to this rule is: do not wear a white shirt or pants as you will be photographed against a white backdrop. A white shirt under a jacket or sweater is ok.

Also, is there an object that represents an important part of your personality/story that you want to share with the world? Maybe your first love is the violin. Or maybe you have a cherished original tape distro of BSD that inspired you to get involved with free open source software in the first place. If so, please bring it along as well!

Will I receive a print of the final photograph?

Yes! Once all the photographs are shot and edited, Peter will send you a signed print of the photograph he selects from your sitting.

Can I use my portrait on Wikipedia and my own website?

Absolutely. All of the final photographs on this website can be used  under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. Also, a special license of your image can be made available for use on Wikipedia/Wikimedia websites.

How do I get in touch with Peter?

Peter can be reached via email here.